Monday, January 11, 2010

Update Week 2: 3 Pounds Lost, 31 to go!

So this is starting into the second week of sticking to the "Making Babies Plan of Action" and I've already lost 3lbs!  Of course, it was really hard for the first three days - then it got much easier.  Here are the things I've been eating! (Keep in mind I have the lap-band too, so I only am able to eat about 1/2 cup to 1 cup of food at a time.  So the portions are small.)

 - Shrimp, chicken, beef, and salmon.  In various ways.
 - Broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, various ways.
 - Dreamfields Pasta. (The kind with only 5g net carbs per serving.)  The hubby and I split a SINGLE pasta serving because when you mix it with meat and vegetables, it's actually quite a lot. 

*Many have reported mixed reviews of Dreamfields Pasta and whether or not it actually is low carb.  My personal opinion is that if you eat the pasta ALONE without protein or vegetables, it will cause more of a spike in blood sugar than eating with something else of substance. This is based on reports I've heard of blood sugar spikes after eating the pasta alone, and no blood sugar spikes after eating the pasta with protien.*

 - Hard boiled eggs, deviled eggs made with sour cream instead of mayo.
 - Tuna by the can.
 - Pecans candied with Splenda and cinnamon.
 - Fajitas with low carb tortillas.

I bought a whole bunch of Atkins breakfast shakes - my FAVE diet breakfast!  But alas...they are full of soy protien which is a huge no-no for PCOSers.  So I had to let hubby have those and eat an egg instead.

I allowed myself one cheat meal where I had two slices of pizza.  Which was totally worth it.  My main problem is working out. Or lack thereof.  I only worked out ONCE to P90X last week and was sore for two days.  This week my main goal is to workout THREE TIMES.  That's it!  For now anyway.  Next week I will start the "Couch to 5K Running Program."

My goal is to lose 2 lbs per week.  This should get me to my current goal of 159lbs (to be under 160 and in the "overweight" range) by May 2nd.  Which will be PERFECT because I have the Casual Blogger Conference on May 28th, my BFF's wedding on June 13th, and my OTHER BFF's wedding on July 17th!  I will be so hot and in awesome shape by then!


  1. Your lively spirit is in full swing, it's ALMOST contagious!


  2. When you get preggo we'll have to throw you the biggest blogger-baby shower ... ever! Your diet food sounds pretty yummy!

  3. April.
    An Ovulation or not...Religous or not, this has a 95% sucess rate within a year. It's what we practice. I highly suggest finding a teacher in your area and taking the class.
    Praying for your future baby!

  4. Hey! Thanks for the tip! I read through their website and luckily I've managed to do enough online research, and research through TCoYF, and Making Babies that I already knew everything they were discussing! And it's right on the money too! So I bet it DOES work.

    We only tried for three months with Clomid. I don't want to do Clomid again if I don't have to because it made all my hair fall out - and is TILL making my hair thin. It's horrible.

    So I hope I can drop enough lbs to regulate my cycles myself.

  5. Glad to see you so positive still. Keep up the great efforts - it will be worth it.

    BTW I LOVE the new blog look and I'm thinking of changing one of my blogs AGAIN now I've seen this design in action. Since I've had the internet back I've been revisiting your site to look at the free designs and hankering after them *LOL*


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