Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My "Making Babies Plan of Action"

I recently have read a book titled “Making Babies” A Three Month Program for Maximum Fertility. Let me tell you, I’m not a reader…but I finished this book cover to cover in one sitting.

The basis of the book covers five different “body types” that women and men are characterized into with regard to their fertility. Then, it gives a three month “prescription” for how to manage each type. So many people are diagnosed with “unexplained infertility” and go on to try things like IVF before they even realize what their body is doing!

So my plan is to follow the “Making Babies Action Plan” perfectly for three months (or longer probably.)

The reason I felt the need to do something MORE than just take Clomid and BD is because I ovulated three months in a row, and didn’t get pregnant. This obviously could be a few things… I may have blocked tubes, a bad lining, hubby could have a low sperm count. The point is, I used to only think that I needed to ovulate in order to get pregnant, but there are so many other things that come into play.

In the book they describe five body types. They are titled Pale, Stuck, Tired, Dry, and Waterlogged. They give detailed checklists that allow you to easily determine which type you are. Here’s a very brief description of each type. (For women only.)

Tired: Slow metabolism, hypothyroidism, lethargic, overweight, perspire easily, crave carbs, bruise easily, low libido. Low progesterone levels. Period is heavy but short.

Dry: Experience night sweats, dry eyes, skin, hair, or nails, feel hot, wake up during the night, often thirsty, hard dry bowl movements, easily flushed, thin, restless and fidgety, little cervical mucus.

Stuck: Irritable, tense, stressed, long thing bowel movements, pebble like bowl movements, painful periods, mood swings, PMS, endometriosis, irregular periods, very heavy period, very light period, sawtooth pattern on BBT chart.

Pale: Face and lips are pale, gets dizzy easily, trouble falling asleep, feels shaky, light period, short period, late ovulation, long luteal phase.

Waterlogged: Trouble controlling weight, swollen hands and feet, feels tired, achy joints, feel bloated, yeast infections, endometriosis, PCOS, painful periods with mucus and clots, experience clear CM throughout cycle, erratic BBT.

By taking the tests on each type, I determined that I am DEFINITELY Waterlogged with a little bit of Stuck thrown in. Often times they say that people are a combination of TWO different types.

My Waterlogged Symptoms

Trouble controlling weight
Swollen hands and feet
Feel bloated
I have PCOS
Painful periods with mucus and clots
Clear copious cervical mucus throughout cycle
BBT varies from month to month
BBT forms a jagged sawtooth pattern, changing almost daily by.3 degrees or more (sometimes)
Ovulation unpredictably on a different day each cycle
BBT doesn’t change much after ovulation
BBT rises slowly after ovulation

My Stuck Symptoms

I feel better with exercise
I have cold hands and feet
Discomfort, cramps, and pain with period
Sore boobs premenstrually and also at ovulation
I have PMS
Irregular periods
Period is dark red or brown and clotted
BBT takes a few days to rise after LH surge
BBT is unstable and unpredictable

So what now? A PLAN and PRESCRIPTION for what I need to do for the next three months! The plans for each body type are SO different, I can’t believe that people generalize diet and nutrition so much. This plan will briefly go over what I need to do. In the book they explain why and how each thing affects your fertility, which is amazingly useful. But I’ll just summarize here.

Rx for the Waterlogged Body Type

Food: High in protein (30%), low in complex carbs (20%), lots of fruits and veggies (50%). Nutrient rich “green” foods. Whole grains. Avoid fluctuation blood sugar levels as much as possible. Eat barley. Green tea (I don’t drink tea, but for those who do…) Avoid all dairy products aside from yogurt.

HYDRATE! Ironically, waterlogged people tend to be dehydrated and therefore retain fluids.

To Avoid: Overeating, raw or cold foods, greasy foods and rich cream sauces, spicy foods, alcohol, dairy products made with cow’s milk, processed foods, sugar and artificial sweetener, yeast, fungi, mold, excessive salt, pork, fatty beef, saturated fats, soy, flaxseeds, yams.

About Soy and PCOS: (Not in the book.) Many PCOSers know that taking Soy Isoflavones just like you would take Clomid has the same effect! Clomid binds to the estrogen receptors in your body making you produce more estrogen at the right time in your cycle. But, unbeknownst to many, Soy also does the same thing! They are called phytoestrogens. Therefore it stands to reason that if your eating soy at random times throughout your cycle, it is royally messing up your hormones! This includes products, not just food. 60% of what you put ON your body is absorbed INTO the body. I took a look around my house, and I was slathering myself with lotion that had soy in it, drinking soy protein drinks, and even spritzing my hair with soy based leave-in conditioner! No wonder my hormones are out of whack!

Exercise: Is vitally important. 30 minutes of aerobic activity per day.

Lifestyle: Keep the environment mold free.

Supplements: Chromium, probiotics.

Rx for the Stuck Body Type

I’ll only follow the parts of this regimen that coincides with the Waterlogged type, or the bold items, since that’s more “me.” But here are the basics of this plan.

Food: Whole unprocessed foods. 60% fruits and veggies, 30% complex carbs, 10% protein. Lots of fiber, especially during phase 4 of the cycle during implantation. Cruciferous veggies like broccoli. Essential fatty acids like evening primrose oil, especially during phase 4 of the cycle. Calcium rich foods. (Or supplements in my case.) Plenty of vitamin D. Nautrally sour foods like citrus, pickles, vinegar for liver function (limited, but still necessary. A little goes a long way.)

Avoid: Overeating, eating on the run or while upset, large or frequent servings of red meat, products treated with hormones, caffeine, coffee (decaf or regular), (both of which inhibit implantation and are not recommended for any type), salty food and hard cheeses, fried and fatty foods, dairy products, alcohol.

Exercise: Get regular moderate exercise that increases blood flow. Do lighter exercise during menstruation. Walk, do yoga. Lighter workouts that last longer. Don’t swim in cold water.

Lifestyle: (I'm not a very "stressed" person in general, but it wouldn't hurt to...) Reduce stress, laugh, breathe deeply. Use pads not tampons (which impede blood flow).

Supplements: Zinc, Vitamin B Complex, Megnesium, Calcium, evening primrose oil, red raspberry leaf, low dose aspirin once per day (which is good for anyone TTC, but espcically good for Stuck types.)

I will report on how it's going, and give detailed stats regularly!  I hope this can help others too!


  1. I hope your prescription works for you.

    I'm both Waterlogged and Stuck but I'm not trying to get pregnant. I am very blessed and have 2 girls ages 8 and almost 3.

    With our first, I got pregnant the month after we got married! With my second, it was harder because I had gained weight and experienced alot of the symptoms that you are writing about.

    I had just gone to the OB/GYN to talk about testing and wham! BFP. Thank God! I had never known how stressful "trying" to get pregnant could be!

    I'll be watching and praying for that BFP for you!

  2. I just happened to stumble across your blog, not sure if it was fate or not, but I have been trying to concieve for over 4 years and am currently in my wait month before I try invitro. Just by reading your post, I see so many symptoms I have. I am going to definately order this book. Is it on Amazon..? I'm going to check. Thanks for the post!

  3. I've got so many issues from a few of those above! I'm going to go check this book out and give it a read since we're TTC as well.

  4. Hey April! Not sure if you will remember me but we were partners for mamarazzis swap last summer. We are also ttc so I am really excited to catch up on this latest blog of yours! :-). I saw this post and like others rushed to add this book to my kindle! Can't wait to get home and start reading!


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