Monday, January 18, 2010

What The...

So randomly leftie (ovary) started hurting Thursday or Friday, right about the same time my boobs started getting sore.  I figured it was nothing...maybe I was going to OVULATE!  Or maybe since I haven't ovulated since back in like....October?...that it was a cyst rupturing.   (Because frankly, it was hurting pretty bad.  )But by the time Friday rolled around, leftie was REALLY hurtin'.  Not keel over and die....but it was noticeable for sure. 

I checked my CM...nothing really.  Saturday, Sunday, and today my boobs have been SO sore though!  I checked my cervix - low and firm.  But then....this morning...I saw a little blood.  What the heck?  I know you bleed a little before ovulation, but this was DEFINITELY not before O as I was dry and my cervix wasn't in the appropriate position. 

So after hubby and I BD'd - there was a LOT of blood!  Like...first day of your period kind...(well, mine is semi-light the first day.)  So I am COMPLETELY confused. 

So....I have no idea what could have happened.  My luteal phase is 13 days without fail.  So if today is day one of my cycle...then that means I O'd on, the 4th?  the 5th?  No clue.  So why was leftie hurting??? 


Well...we'll see what happens!


  1. i had no idea that you could tell when you're ovulating by the feeling the position of your cervix. *lol*

  2. So, what's happening with leftie?

    Took the day off? Called in sick? Getting her nails done?

    You just take care of those cute little ovaries of yours while your husband is gone. Make them all pretty so when he gets back, he'll be glad to see them!

    Or whatever.


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