Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Updates!! Lots and Lots of Updates!

How could I, APRIL of all people, NOT blog for almost a whole month here?

Well, because nothing exciting has happened! LOL!!!  To sum it up, I've been working out, but eating a lot, therefore I am STILL bouncing around at 189 - 192 lbs.  While I DO have the Lap-Band, it doesn't prevent head hunger...and frankly that might be the only reason I ever eat anything.  I'm proud that all my working out has paid off and definitely made me stronger, and more toned.  I've noticed a HUGE difference in the size of my tummy from doing all this cardio!!  But I seriously need to re-think my diet or I will NEVER lose any weight. *frustrated* 

I am NOT taking any metformin or pretnatal vitamins (just regular gummies), and to tell you the truth it's kind of nice!  My "digestive" system doesn't bother me...I'm regular...(no metformin diarrhea, yay!) And I don't really notice a difference not taking the prenatals vs. a gummy.  The gummies have folic acid too - so I might just use those instead. Chewing pills with the Lap-Band is GROSS!

I'm AM super excited that I had a PERIOD on my own January 18th. I think I've had a total of 5 - 10 periods my entire life that were "natural" and not induced with birth control or some sort of fertility med.

I've been doing the "Couch to 5K Running Program" - and it's pretty much the best thing I've ever done!!  It's starts you off slowly, and gradually builds up your running ability.  It was relatively challenging at first, then became easy as the first week wore on.  I wanted to do MORE running, but the program says to avoid straining yourself.  I went from running a mile in like 16 minutes, to running a mile in 14:30.  I realize most people could WALK that - but I have short legs! And I jog at 4.0 MPH, and run at 5.0 MPH.  When I used to run, I would push way too hard, hurt my knees, then stop working out. This gradually gets you up to a good pace, and it certainly has for ME! I LOVE running!

For three solid weeks I worked out almost daily for 30 minutes a day!  THEN I GOT SICK.  I've been sick for 11 flippin' days - but I feel like I'm getting a little better.  I've been coughing up my left lung basically, so that's why I'm hesitant to start again.  But I need to, or else I will have to start all over!!!

Bradley was watching Oprah the other day (you just have to know my husband to realize this is normal) and they were discussing PCOS. It's the leading cause of infertility in America - and 90% of people with PCOS can reverse and stop the effects with diet and exercise. Furthermore, they discussed how exercise does more than just make you fit… apparently your muscles have the ability to treat insulin differently when they are stronger and being utilized. Instead of becoming resistant to the insulin (causing PCOS), your body learns to use the produced insulin. Therefore making your ovaries work. Apparently.

People place so much emphasis on eating right while trying to get pregnant with PCOS. (Or get pregnant in general.) Low carbs, lots of protein, no soy, etc...etc... (which is STILL way important) but we rarely hear about the benefits of getting LOTS of exercise.

I don’t mean strolling a mile or two each day (though that is better than nothing…). I’m talking about challenging cardio, muscle toning Pilates, yoga…

Honestly, I was scared to workout while actively trying to conceive. The last thing I want is my uterus bouncing all around while spermie and egg are trying to embrace. So I took it slow and easy. I also didn’t want to miscarry all over the yoga mat while doing ab crunches.

Now it’s different. Since we’re working on our bodies it’s much easier to push myself, make myself stronger, and not worry about anything else. If my body is strong and healthy, the baby will be too.

I went to the maternity store with my friend and put on the "fake" belly they have in the dressing room.  If anything will motivate me to LOSE WEIGHT before getting pregnant - this is it.  I looked like a complete COW!!!  *sigh*  I really DO want to be CUTE and pregnant so I can take tons of pictures - especially afer the baby is born.  There will be so many snapshot flying around at that time - I need to look like a MILF!

My goal before going on any fertility meds, or trying again is to be 160lbs.  That's still a good 30lbs, but if I REALLY push myself I bet I could get there by May. 

Bradley and I have decided that he is going to get a semen analysis as soon as possible, and I might get an HSG.  Is that where they put the dye in your uterus to see if your tubes are blocked?  That's what I want.  LOL!  We think it's better just to rule out anything before we continue. 

Wish me ~~~~*~*~*~~*~**Baby Dust~~~~***~****~*~*~*~*~***~**~


  1. Honestly April, I don't think you look bad with the fake baby belly. When I was in the last trimester with Matt I became so bloated I looked like the Michelen Man! I was HUGE and swollen everywhere. I couldn't even get shoes on my feet had swollen so much! It was amazing the reaction I got when people saw me after I'd had him!
    I was very interested about your comments with regard to metformin as that is what I take for my diabetes (amongst other things). I told the docs for months and months that I was ill because of it and I missed tons of days off work through it. No one listened and finally I got the sack because I might be ill again. It's so nice to know that I'm not imagining it.
    Crossing my fingers for you and Brad.

  2. Good luck!!!!! Sending you lots and lots of baby dust!

  3. Awwww I thought the fake belly looked sweet LOL. Seriously, I hope this year is your year and I'll definiteky be sprinkling lots of baby dust your way :)

    Oh and I understand the head hunger thing as I struggle a lot with that :(

  4. Sending you LOTS of baby dust. I'm the opposite, I could totally not eat, but I HATE working out. We should team up some and we'd be some skinny biatches! :) Yeah...I added the a to make it look better...

  5. Glad to see a new post from you! Yaay on getting fitter, and good luck with your testing (yes, the HSG is the dye test). You'll be a beautiful pregnant momma when it happens!

  6. Wanted to say hello because I am going to follow your blog. I'm (also) 24 and was just diagnosed with PCOS last month and had provera to end my 90, yes 90, day cycle and begin a new one. Now it's just waiting time until I go to the next step of clomid. I hope you'll follow me and we'll both be finding each other reading pregnancy blogs soon enough!

  7. Wow, i have a lot in common with you girl. I too had a hard time getting PG. I have PCOS and always had to go on Metformin to get PG. With my first son i went on a hard core Atkins diet, almost no carbs, and i walked almost every day. it was so hard but with that and Metformin i got PG pretty quickly, oh and i swear by the clear blue easy monitor. I however have had pretty reg. periods my whole life.
    I got pg pretty quickly with my second after i went on Metformin.
    I know how hard that journey is when you are trying to figure out what the deal is and why things are not working as they should. It took me about 3 years to figure out the problem.
    I can't believe i missed that Oprah on PCOS so i am going to have to go to her website.
    Anyway i am also trying to loose weight right now, it's always a battle and i have been working out on my treadmill, about 30 min a day and i haven't for a couple of weeks either because i have been sick so i need to get back to it too. The weight battle sucks but it's part of life i guess.
    Anyway i just want to wish you all the best in your journey and i know it will happen to you soon. And my 1st pregnancy was so much easier because i lost 30 pounds before hand.
    You have my support and i will check your site often.
    And again thanks for the cute freebie!

  8. I had no clue you had PCOS too. Blaze is my miracle boy. It took us 12 years and 6 doctors to conceive. been there done that. We are struggling with secondary infertility now and Blaze is 2.5 yrs and we have been trying since I was allowed after he was born.

  9. April- I think its so fabulous that you are willing to be so open and honest. For most people, this is a closed book and people never really know the trauma you can go through trying to have a child. Good luck! The couch running thingo sounds fabulous. I hate exercise but need to start doing soemthing so when i want to try and conceive in a couple of years, I'll be healthy too. Congratulations, you are really doing well!

  10. Hi April! :)
    I follow your other blog and I didn't know you had a blog about trying to get pregnant. Good luck! I also have fertility problems and I'm also trying to lose weight... it's a rough road but I bet we'll do fine, right? That's what we have to keep telling ourselves. Stop on by my blog if you want, there are definite similarities :).
    I agree with the previous commenters that you look adorable with the baby belly :).

  11. So are you being diligent today? Did you get all strong and just throw away any left over Valentine's Evil? No? GO DO THAT RIGHT NOW!

    I mean it. No starving children anywhere are going to benefit from you not throwing away any crap left in your pantry.

    I'll just stand right here and watch you until you do....

  12. Uh, oops.

    Bill Gelbaugh is my husband.

    This is Heather, your freakishly awesome friend. I didn't notice he was signed in to his Google account until after I published my comment.

    And in the time it takes to write this one, I could have logged him out and signed me in so you can see my cute little candy avatar.

    But I'm not.

    I'm lazy at the moment. And by lazy I mean mentally. Because I'm actually running to get ready for work. ANd I'm focusing on how I'm going to wear my hair.


    Pretend I'm not Bill. Which I'm not. I'm Heather. So pretend that.

  13. C25K is a great program... although I didn't get to finish it because I switched over to a bootcamp style fitness thing which absorbed 6 days each.

    Absolutely stick to the plan until you finish it though. Went full bore when I started it and ended up with some nasty thing in my foot that felt like I was standing on one of those blue cold pack things all the time. The body needs time to get used it the whole process and recover etc. :-)

    The diet and exercise thing really do go hand in hand and it can make a world of difference for you in all aspects of life. Hopefully it will do the trick for fertility for you too!

    Good luck!

  14. I am so glad to hear that you had your period naturally! I have PCOS myself and still am strugling with things! Good Luck!


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