Monday, September 14, 2009

Almost Writing Off Cycle 2

So today is CD 35 and my temp went from about 97.5-97.7 down to 97.2 today. I am pretty sure AF is going to start right on time tomorrow! I've had mild cramps for a few days too, plus I took a pregnancy test 10DPO (early I know) and it was negative. Not even a measley EVAP line to mistake for a BFP.

So's my chart. My cycles are definitely too long, and I am ovulating way late, even on Clomid. So I think it's time to drop 20lbs and stop the drugs (as mentioned in my previous post.)

As always, I had very very sore boobs from O day all the way up until...well..NOW. My chart is just this very delayed...slow process and in the book I read called "Making Babies" that's a classic symptom of the "Waterlogged" body type who commonly also has PCOS! (If you haven't read that book....GO. Read. NOW!) I'll probably talk a lot more about this later.

I'm also thinking about ordering some DCI... It's expensive in pill form, but you can also get it from buckwheat! But you have to eat like four buckwheat muffins per day and I'm not really down with that. I wanted to get some because I looked at my scalp yesterday and was I thinning?? And despite metformin and weight moustache isn't subsiding. I think it's getting worse? Thank goodness for tweezers. PCOS hasn't really been THAT big of a problem for me in those areas until recently. Especially the hair part. Maybe it's because I dyed my hair? Maybe I slept on it funny? I dunno...but I'm gonna try it.

Wish me luck!


  1. this was a very interesting post, because i had never heard of DCI? off to research & check out this book on amazon. (((hugs)))

  2. I have GOT to get that book. What exactly is a "waterlogged" body??
    That sucks about your temp drop. I know it isn't over til AF shows up, but yeah, I hate seeing a temp drop.

  3. Well here is some personal facts (possible TMI) for ya about my PCOS. When I was pregnant last time my hair growth went to NEW dimensions! I now have a BEARD that I have to pluck almost daily and it is NOT getting better. My stash isn't as bad because I have been waxing it for years. But here is the gross one. Albeit I am Italian, so I wasn't exactly blessed with a hairless body, but lets just say that while pregnant, the "down there" department reached new proportions. I am in SHOCK with how much I have got going on down there. To which my doctors all say is very normal with PCOS. I need to buy stock in razors! Also my skin tags started to come out while I was pregnant. I got maybe 50 of them on my neck, upper shoulders and chest. They were/are tiny and a lot fell off after I had the baby but the ones I have left still bother me a lot. Even though everyone else says they don't even see them. *shrug* PCOS makes me crazy. *frown*


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