Monday, September 21, 2009

Okay, I Lied a Little

Alright, alright. So hubby and I were driving a few days ago, talking about how we were "waiting" to keep TTC for a few months in order to lose some more weight. I just started my third cycle Tuesday. I mentioned that the "standard" Clomid regimen is three cycles, and usually people get pregnant by their third cycle or so. (Was this a subconcious ploy to convince him? I really didn't mean for it to sound that way as I had come to terms with waiting.) He looked at me perplexed and was like... "Really?? Well what the heck are we doing?? Let's do a third cycle!" I was surprised...but I figured, why not!? If three cycles is what it tends to take, and we stop at TWO and have to start all over again in a few months, that would suck.

So I went to the crotch doc Thursday. He said my chart was awesome but that I have a "Leuteal Phase defect" to which I sort of rolled my eyes. My temp dipped a teensy bit in this last LP, making my chart have a "U" shape (sort of). I think it's my thermometer...

Despite that, he said Clomid usually clears up any LP defects anyway. This time he DOUBLED MY DOSE TO 100mgs!!!! I took my second dose yesterday....

I am making a few changes to this cycle. This morning I got on the scale and the needle was right at 185. I want to lose 5-10lbs this cycle. I don't really care HOW MUCH I lose as long as I am doing the following:

- In the "Making Babies book, they suggest a diet very low in grains and high in vegetables, fruits, and protien. Of course. So I made a MEAL PLAN!!! And I bought all the food for it this weekend.

- I gotta follow the lap-band diet to a "T". No drinking with meals, no snacking, no soups.

- 30 minutes of moderate cardio 4 days per week. It's not that hard. I need to do it.

- 2000 mgs metformin/day.
- 100mgs Clomid CD 5-9
- Prenatal supplement taken at various intervals throughout the day. Many times we just pop a whole pill, and our bodies get rid of all the extra stuff it doesn't immediately use. So breaking the pill into thirds, and having one with each meal allows your body to better absorb all the vitamins and minerals.
- D-Chiro Inositol, two pills per day.

Wish me luck!! Third time's a charm! I WILL say one thing though. Going from 50mgs/day to 100mgs/day certainly makes the twinges in my ovaries STRONGER. Ow!!!


  1. I get such an education reading your blog! Good luck this cycle!

  2. I just had a sneaking suspicious you were too low with the Clomid! I am so glad he upped your intake! I will hope and hope and hope that the 3rd time is the charm.

    It was for me. Maybe if you rub my belly for luck?

    Uh. Let's not.

    I'll just stick with the hope thing.

    I'll be watching your leuteal phase like a hawk though.

    I hope you don't mind.

  3. You need to be careful with the clomid. If you aren't seeing a Endo doc, you need to ask your "crotch" doc about the things that clomid does when it doesn't work after cycles 3, 4 or 5. it can "deplete" the natural sugars in your mucous, making the sperm die on contact (true). it will deplete the fluffy lining and cause you to wait another four or five months before trying to conceive again. or, the most common thing... you'll end up having to do a "IUI" (intra uterine insemination) to get around all the affects that clomid had on your body. don't get me wrong, CLOMID does work, but taking the dosage that you're taking, well it can really cause a bunch of other stuff to happen that you might not like. IUI's are fairly inexpensive and not terribly painful. lol (really, not too bad)

    so good luck but make sure you read up on what clomid will do if it doesn't work on cycles 3, 4, 5 or 6. :)

    happy trying!!

  4. I just want to say good luck with the baby making and have fun! :-)

  5. Yeah...Go you! I can't wait for you to get pregnant bc you're going to be an awesome Mom!

  6. WOOOOHOOOO!! I hope this cycle works!! :)


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