Thursday, August 13, 2009

The First Cycle

Well, the first cycle was perfect. I took all my vitamins, ate right, took my temperature, checked my cervical mucus (CM), and my cervix... Every cough, sniffle, twinge, and cramp was documented. I took Clomid on cycle days 5-9, and on CD 18 I finally started to get eggwhite CM! (EWCM). So I began taking ovualtion predictor tests/kits (OPK's) on that day.

In previous years, I NEVER got even a faint line. Well, in order for an OPK to be POSITIVE, the line needs to be darker than the control line. Not just THERE. So while the line was faint, and that was a first, it doesn't mean I was going to O. (Ovulate.)

On CD 20 I felt pain in my left ovary. Actually, I had felt pain in that ovary for over a year. I always thought it was just normal pains associated with my (non-existant) cycle. In March 2009 I even went to see what was wrong with leftie, but Dr. S didn't think I should worry. So when there was quite a bit of pain in leftie that day, I was hopeful that ovulation was about to happen!

BUT - I had a marked amount of pain during sex. It was NOT normal. I tend to have a higher pain tolerance, so it wasn't crippling like everyone says a cyst is. But when I woke up on CD 21 I felt a different, "gassy" kind of pain on my left side. It was throbbing, and literally I figured some gas-X would help. I was worried.

So I called Dr. S to schedule an ultrasound for that day. I had been trying to get an ultrasound for a LONG time, and when I mentioned my pain, he scheduled me right away.

Let me tell you, VAGINAL ultrasounds are highly uncomfortable. You'd think they'd make the stick they have to put in there SMALLER than a giant dildo - but no. Then they swirl it around left and right and push it up against your my this point...did NOT feel good.

The ultrasound tech said I had "fluid" behind my uterus. Apparently, the area behind the uterus is the MOST dependent variable. I was like..."Okay, what the heck does that mean?" Well, it means that if there is fluid behind the uterus, you ovulated!

However, there was a LOT behind my uterus. An abnormal amount. That usually means a cyst has ruptured. So talking to the doctor, he thinks that is what may have happened. Thankfully, my ovaries looked completely normal though! Just some undeveloped eggs (follicles/follies) and no cysts.

So I continued to take my temperature, and it SLOWLY rose. I will never know if that cyst contained an egg or not - but I learned that even if a cyst ruptures, my temperature can rise. From my chart you can see that it DID rise...but not by much.

As always, we all think regular leuteal phase symptoms are actually us being pregnant. Well...I was hungry ALL THE TIME!!! And my boobs were killing me! But of course, Aunt Flo (AF) started and onto the next cycle!


  1. Hey April. I don't know if I ever mentioned to you I had secondary infertility after having Lindsey. I was eventually diagnosed as having PCOS and we moved on to try clomid. I was only given 6 cycles before we had to look for "other" options. I tried charting (I am not a charter, lol) I did check CM and CP and use that as a guide. I NEVER got a + OPK so I gave up on those as well. I was on metformin and taking progesterone to start my periods every cycle. I was on days 5-9. Nothing was happening. Then I kept reading success stories from girls on days 3-7 and 1-5. I decided to try days 3-7 and see what happened. Nothing :/ I was giving up hope and was down to my last 2 cycles when I decided to try days 1-5 and do a every other day method during the days I thought I was most likely to get pregnant. I was getting to the end of the cycle and had no hope that my feeble attempt worked when I had spotting. I was crushed and was trying to mentally prepare myself for my daughter being a only child when my boobs started hurting I took a test and BFP! I was shocked. I think it really had something to do with the different days I took the clomid. Now granted I never asked or told my Dr, lol but I figured what the heck why not give it a whirl she wasn't willing to change my prescription to those days for whatever reason but oh well I got pregnant and had my baby healthy. Infertility sucks and I pray for a baby for you!

  2. I have been having "righty" pain on and off for the past few years but since getting off the pill it has gotten so much worse... I am thinking I'm going to ask for an ultrasound at next month's visit. I'm glad to read that someone else has experienced this too!


Thanks so much for your support!