Monday, August 31, 2009

What a Little Wine Does to Your Chart

I'm 99.99% sure that this isn't an ovulation spike. I have NO other signs or symptoms - and last night I had a few glasses of wine! LOL!! (Naughty me...I know...) But I had no idea it would do this to my chart! LOL!!!

I'm not really sure what I am going to do. I haven't ovulated this cycle, and I am prepared to write it off and move on. (Thus my frustration and wine-drinking. I drink like once per year.) But to my understanding, the RISE of progesterone makes your temp spike during the second phase of the cycle. Then the falling progesterone levels make AF arrive. So if there is NO progesterone to start with (no ovulation) how does AF arrive?? That's why I never understood anovulatory periods! I don't get it!!!

Anywhoo, I am going on a "life change" again. We don't call it "dieting" because people don't like that. Everyone makes you say "life change." My problem is MOSTLY my sedentary job and lifestyle, and not so much "overeating." I sit on my butt 8am-5pm, then come home and sit on my butt to work on my ever expanding and aging list of blog designs. Despite how far I am behind on my layouts, my health is more important than that. So I am going to the gym every day this week for at least one hour in the evening. This upcoming weekend is the marathon, and I was training for it a few months ago. Then TTC came along and I refused to even MOVE for fear that any exercise would hurt my uterus!!!

Anyway...I'm still gonna temp throughout my cycle....see what happens.


  1. GL with the temps! That is a mighty high alcohol-induced spike ;)

    I'm with ya there about anovulatory cycles. You took the words right out of my mouth. I asked about it on SC once, and someone told me "There are other hormones that factor into AF starting too". They never said WHICH hormones, and all the silly hormonal diagrams I've seen don't appear to showcase much but progesterone at that time of the cycle. So confused. Enlighten me if you find anything out.


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