Friday, August 28, 2009


I have a feeling I am going to be one of THOSE pregnant ladies. You know...

Me: Honnneeeeeey???

Husband: Yes beautiful?

Me: Can you get me some milk and a piece of cake from the kitchen? :D

Husband: Sure sweetie. *gets cake and milk*

Me: Oh...wait...can I also have some more of that stuff you made for dinner? I'm STARVING still? Just reheat it...

Husband: Okay *scurries along*

Me: Thanks babe. Oh, one more thing.... I am seriously CRAVING chocolate, pickles and ice cream right now.....I need all of the above like STAT. I'm nourishing your child here I need my nutrients!!!

Husband: April, you just got a positive pregnancy test this morning - do you really think the undifferentiated ball of cells needs THAT much nourishment?

Me: *pout*

Needless to say, during my leuteal phase I have SERIOUS cravings. So I can only imagine how much worse it will be when I'm preggo. I read that cravings are highest between your O day and your period naturally, so you can nourish your uterus and all that crap for an impending pregnancy. Well, my body doesn't really have problems with "nourishment" as you can see.

So this is where I need the "re-focus." I have been eating pretty crappy lately...lots of sugar and carbs...honestly scared that "dieting" in the traditional sense will be a bad thing for my cycle. Same thing with exercise. You read so many conflicting ideas on how much or little to workout while TTC.

Enough of that crap. I know what I am supposed to be eating, how much I should be working out, and what I need to do to make myself as healthy as possible. So I am getting back on the wagon.

Today is Cycle day 18. I am BONE dry down there, no CM. I feel really energetic, happy (considering the circumstances), not emotional, my boobs don't hurt, I broke out a little more than normal, and I don't really feel like anything is going to happen "soon." As you can see from my chart in the previous post, I think I TRIED to ovulate and it didn't work. So I am not sure if AF will arrive, if I will try to O again, or if I will need a progesterone shot to induce my period.


  1. Don't I *wish* I was one of those pregnant women. Instead, at 6 weeks pregnant, I feel like I'm 2 seconds away from barfing at any moment. I feel most sick when I am hungry, but the thought of putting ANYTHING in my mouth makes me want to hurl. This is the only time in my life that I can eat like a cow and not feel bad about weight gain, and I can't even do it. Plus, why can't I ever get this feeling when I'm not pregnant and actually need to lose weight?

  2. hey cysters! i started a babyblog too :) come follow! id love to connect. we need all the support we can get :) hugs to all!!!

  3. Hey April,

    I am starting my baby making stuff too! We are going to go for number 4! God help me! My 9 month old is running me ragged, but like I told my husband, if we are going to have another, let's just go ahead and do them back to back this time so that I can be done! I will only lose sleep once around instead of letting Jude get older finally getting sleep and then starting the sleepless nights all over again! So, here we go! I just hope we can conceive a little faster this time, instead of 11 years later! I don't think it wise getting pregnant at 45! I would be like in my 60's and my husband in his 70's when that child graduated from High School! Yikes! So good luck as usual!


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