Thursday, August 27, 2009

What the Aych?

Aych means "H" meaning "Hell." Just in case you're Mormon like me and don't "swear." Anyway, here it is. Cycle day 17. And my body is playing EVIL tricks on me! Take a look at my chart. the looks of the "dip" in my temperature, and all the eggwhite CM I was having, and YES, even a pretty positive OPK - I have not ovulated. I feel like I am practically DEAD this cycle because my temperatures are SO low.

On Sunday (CD 13) I was walking around Fred Meyer (not shopping of course because again, I'm a Mo and don't do that) I felt some ovulation pains coming from leftie. I was hopeful, only to awake to no temp spike. Maybe God was like "Oh, no. Well, I WAS going to make you O today, but you went shopping on a Sunday. And you even went commando. So sorry."

So I am bitter, and freaked out. And now here we are and I already had a progression of OPK's that went from negative, to almost positive, to negative again.
I hate the waiting game! Hopefully I will O on CD 21!!!! I am BONE dry right now. Just clearish and snap-happy CM. But mostly dry. Wow, I never thought I would discuss my CM outside of the Soul Cysters forum.


  1. Congrats on starting the new blog! There is such a wonderful community of us long-time TTCers. Good luck, I look forward to following you to pregnancy and motherhood. :)

  2. Sending Baby Dust your way!

    And also sending a recommendation, should you get to this point where you need ideas, head to an acupuncturist! I went to one to help regulate my cycle before I was TTC, and know many people who went to get help TTCing. Don't know if that's something you'd consider (or can?) but figured I'd toss it out there. Good luck!

  3. A friend of mine has gone through and currently going through the same thing as you. However, good news she is trying for her second. So, rest assure that there is hope. She went through some very difficult, painful and extremely trying times for her first child. Which is the path that you have started. Be positive and stay strong because when the timing is right it will happen.


Thanks so much for your support!