Saturday, August 1, 2009

In The Beginning...

God created man. But he never mentioned how big of a pain in the ass it would be! I'm sure Eve didn't have these problems. She probably got pregnant the first day she wandered the garden all naked. (Who wouldn't get it preggers if they were the only female on the planet walking around naked in front of a man?)

Anyway, when you're trying to make a baby, it's hard to think about anything else. I married my husband in May 2006. Ever since then I've wanted to start a family. At first we just "weren't preventing", then it progressed to "what the heck is wrong with me?", then by summer 2008 it moved to "okay, it's time for defcon 5."

So here we are. Right in the middle of trying to knock me up. We're past the "excited" point, but not quite to the "I hate this I want to quit and never have sex again" point.

My main problem stems from the fact that I have PCOS. I found out from the Google. He called me up and said "Ma'am, I'm sorry to tell you this...but...according to Wikipedia you show all signs of PCOS." I knew I had it before I went to the doctor in November of 2006 and the doctor told me officially that YES, I have PCOS. (She took one look at me and my symptoms, and despite normal tests still diagnosed me.)

Luckily, weight loss and low carb dieting was the key. Great. Just lose 100lbs and ZAM! You're pregnant! Because we ALL know how easy weight loss is!

My average adult weight was around 210-220lbs. And I've NEVER been thin. I averaged 14-20 from age 13-23. Finally, after dieting to no avail, and taking Metformin, I decided to get the Lap-Band in December 2008.

Today I am 185lbs, and a size 14/16. My periods came back, but were still a little irregular. Everything I have done to lose weight up to this point was for the sole purpose of trying to conceive, so I still wanted to continue to lose weight before we turned to fertility treatments.

But the world doesn't work the way you want it to! I anticipated losing my job soon (because we would be moving) and the thought of not having insurance through doctor appointments and even pregnancy is a NIGHTMARE. So we figured the SOONER the better!!!

June of 2009 I was having a long, light period. So I called my OBGYN (Dr. S) who stuck me in the butt with a shot of progesterone to stop the period I was ON, and start a fresh one.

July 8th, 2009 I started my first cycle I officially consider it my first day of "TTC."

See my timeline for more information!

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