Friday, October 16, 2009

Anyone Have Any 2ww Preggo Symptoms?

So here I am, 4DPO....and totally bummed...slash happy...because I HAVE NO CLUE what's going on inside there. "There" meaning my uterus. 

At only 3 and 4 DPO and here's what I'm feeling
 - Mild cramping/backacheyness
 - Some sharpish cramps lasting just minutes.
 - Sore BBS
 - Tired
 - Heart beating pretty hard...

ALL of which I had back in May during a random ovulation.  And ALL but the cramps are normal for my Leuteal Phase.  I know that cramping is  a "sign" of early pregnancy - but at 3 and 4 DPO?  No way.  So I don't think this is my month.  But I also have mild watery discharge and (GROSS: WARNING) it feels like bubbles are coming out of my vajayjay!!!

Also, my temperature chart is pretty much the same every month!  This is so strange!  I have a spike, then another spike at 3DPO, then a fall at 4DPO.  Then I go back up!!!  Weird huh?


  1. I have had that bubble thing too, and honestly I don't know what it is. One thing I can tell you though... DO NOT OVER ANALYZE!! I have been pregnant 7 times. And I assure you the symptoms have been weird and different each time. Just try really hard to take it easy and relax until 14DPO and then pray for the best. I know it's easier said than done, but it isn't good for your body to stress over all of the little things. OK?


  2. Hey, if your chart is the same every cycle, you'll know what it means if it deviates! As for the bubbles, yeah, I've had them :) Weird, huh?

  3. Bubbles here too! But not for a very, very long time. Not since days long ago before my ablation, before my hopeless period phase, waaaaay back when I had a normal periodish and was of the desire to have children. So, if that means anything, take it to mean normalish.

    I know this doesn't happen for everyone, and I certainly do not mean anything other than sharing my experience, but with both pregnancies I just knew I was. Even the first one, which was a major oops. The second one I needed Clomid. As mentioned previously.

    Maybe you'll get a sense for it, maybe you won't. All I can say is, it's out of your hands now, as you well know. We'll be here to grit teeth and wait out the next 10-14 days with you until it's time to POAS.

  4. I noticed creamy CM starting maybe 4 or 5 DPO, which normally NEVER happens. Usually I'm dry up through to AF shows up. Boobs were always sore before AF, they weren't this time. Mild cramping. I alos felt like i was on my period but nothing was coming out.

    Got 2 BFPs Thursday at 14DPO... A day early. (But shhhh!)

  5. I'm 5 weeks preggo. Right after O I started getting sore BBS and nausea, which went away after a week, then I had a yeast infection (great fun), then I started getting crampy around week 2. Still crampy. No bubbles, though. I have almost no discharge anymore. But I've had bubbles before, and it feels groty.

    Here's to hoping! I know it's hard, but try not to overanalyze till you can POAS!


Thanks so much for your support!