Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's About Dang Time!!!!

Here it is...CD twenty-freakin-nine, and I'm like 90% sure that I ovulated yesterday.

Since this time I took 100mgs of Clomid, around CD 12 I started doing OPK's. I thought I might get lucky and O around CD 14 like "normal" people do. Well, many of my OPK's were light, some a little darker, but NOT positive in the least. So around CD 20 I was getting SUPER sad that I wasn't going to O. I was paying attention to every little twinge and all my CM (or lack thereof) and figured "Hey, I might be ovulating but my CM and OPK's just aren't telling me that I am!!"

Well, I should have known. Saturday the EWCM started, so I took the test and DANG - the darkest line I've ever had!! Even in my previous cycles, my OPK would only be about as dark (or even a little lighter) than the control line...but I still O'd. I must have popped out one ginorm egg, or a few, because geez! I took another OPK Sunday, and again on Monday, and they were all way positive.

On Sunday I had the MOST ovulation pain though - again on leftie. There was even pain during sex again, like on my first cycle where the doc thinks I ruptured a cyst. Hopefully that's not the case.

My temp spiked a little today, so I think it's just going to go up from here.

Luckily, hubbs and I have BD'd every day with Pre-Seed...and of course I did the "lay there and wait" thing.

Here's hoping!! C'mon BABY!!! Pray pray pray!


  1. I just found I'm pregnant, so I'll redirect all fertile thoughts in your direction!!!


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