Friday, October 23, 2009

Boo! I Hate the 2ww!!!

Well, first of all let me say that my husband having a heart attack this week was no icing on the cake. Thankfully, he's okay and should get out of the hospital today (you can read my other blog for more details). But SHEESH! Talk about a 2ww from H-E-double hockey sticks.

So 7DPO (heart attack day) rolls around and I'm 99.99% sure it's not gonna happen this month. Then 8DPO...pretty much the same...then 9DPO...and my temp is creeping up. Then TODAY....what the heck? Doesn't that chart just scream "YOU'RE PREGNANT!"?????

Well, I wish that were the case...but all during the 2WW I have been using progesterone cream. Which can, and does cause falsely high temperatures. I'm honestly not sure why my temp would dip a teeny bit then spike again - but I'm really not attributing it to being pregnant. Yet. I didn't have ANY implantation spotting. The only differences I've had this cycle have been that "bubbly"/wet feeling in my vagina. And starting yesterday and continuing today my cervix is sorta of sore and "tight" feeling...I dunno. Maybe I'm just constipated. Or crazy.

I found this awesome feature last month that allows me to OVERLAY all my charts on top of eachother so I can see where I am this cycle, what the similarities are, etc... So I did so - PLUS I included and "average" line of all my cycles so far.

The blue line is average, and the gold line is this month. So as you can see, 7DPO it dipped below average, and today is the highest it has ever been. And in fact, today's temp was .1 degree higher on the first try, but I decided to take the lesser temp just in case.

Isn't that SO crazy that my temp was the EXACT same EVERY ovulation day? I pinned all the charts at ovulation, so my O days were different. But they still had the same temp every time. Weird weird!!!

I can't wait till this 2ww is OVER! I want to be preggo, or AF to just GET here already. Grr. But like I said - I'm just glad hubby is alive and well. And I'm trying not to obsess too much. If I know myself, when I DO get pregnant the test probably won't be positive until freaking 20DPO.

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  1. I didn't have implantation spotting with either baby either. Not even the tiniest bit.

    It's so unnerving, the not knowing. Like, enough to drive you just batty. Maybe you could just sleep through till you either get AF or can pee on the darn stick. You know how time flies so blissfully when you're asleep....

    Just a thought.


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