Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Here's Looking to the Future

Well, as you may have guessed by my lack of post...I got a BFN this cycle too. That's three rounds of Clomid, ovulating every time, and no BFP's. So I'm thinking my body just isn't ready, or hubby's sperm analysis isn't looking too hot. Either way, we have decided to wait to continue TTC for awhile. He needs to get healthy after his heart attack, I want to lose 30lbs and be safely in the "overweight" category rather than the "obese" category. Gawd that sounds horrible. I will still be updating this blog with all the gory details on my cycles, my weight loss, any meds I'm taking etc... That way if I DO get pregnant my journey can be of some help to others.

My hair is still falling out. I pulled huge gobs of it out of the drain this morning. I don't know where it's all coming from because I didn't have much in the first place. Sadly, this is a rare side effect from the Clomid. Before we left for the weekend I took a pregnancy test. I held it up to the light, let it sit for a few hours, shook it around, turned it upside down, and not even a faint line. It was still 3 days until my period was due...but I took one of those tests that says "99.99% Accurate!" I had to repeat that statistic to myself over and over again until Aunt Flo actually arrived. And of course I could time her arrival down to the hour. Once again, 7:30pm, 13 days past ovulation. I will say knowing the exact hour she arrives is very convenient. Albiet unwelcome.

My strange spike in temperatures is probably due to the progesterone cream. Evil cream. My boobs hurt WORSE this cycle than any other. And I also had lots of weird feelings downstairs during my LP. So I thought that may have been a good sign...but I guess not. I think maybe ovulating so late (CD 28) doesn't have as good of a chance of concieving as a normal 14-19 day O might. Was my lining crappy?? Meh...who knows!

Anyway, I suppose it's a blessing in disguise. Medical bills are going to pile up soon with hubby's heart attack. I'm only almost 25 years old, so I'm not in a huge rush anymore now that I'm starting to realize I have FIVE full years until I'm 30. Technically I could probably lose a good 60lbs in a year and be only 27 when I conceive.'s looking towards a future of health and wealth before baby!


  1. Keep us posted hon.

    Have you had his sperm tested?

    And I ovulated on cd 27 with my son. So late isn't always bad.

  2. Nope...we haven't had him tested. But I can't imagine that an imposing heart attack out be condusive to strong swimmers. Then could be totally unrelated. In any case, I think we are getting a big wake up call here. Not everyone needs one, and some need one and don't get one...but I think if we get healthier in know?

    I's not like we eat cheeseburgers all day and are morbidly obese.

  3. *hugs* of course, I am just an Internet stalker person who has never met you, but I keep updated on your blog here and am definitely feeling for you right now (so hello from an office cubicle in NY, haha)! Be blessed and remember that God LOVES you and your husband with a never ending love.

  4. I Pray you conceive very soon. Hope your hubby is ok. You have a lot going on. Blessings,


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